Saturday, October 13, 2007

It had to happen eventually

Yup, I brought the elephant ear is today. Additionally, the sunflowers came down, the plume poppies, lotsa rudbeckia, the endless snow-on-the-mountain and corrydalis - both of which grow invasive in the garden. Should I turn the whole thing over next year? This question rolls and rolls around in my head. Especially when I'm yanking out fistfuls of grass.

I can't work a day in the garden without at least someone stopping by and asking about how to overwinter the ears. I don't know anymore than the next person, really. I had a little buddy come over and help me haul them outta the ground. First, we sawed off the large stalks and then coaxed them out with pitchforks. We were soaked - the stalks are almost completely water and fiber. I'm trying to dry them in the garage, though I will need something absorbent to spread on them so they won't rot. The garden is so incredibly bare. How in the world will I avoid homework now?

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Interesting to know.